Hello, I´m Pablo Domínguez.
A designer that creates websites and apps.

I´m a multi-disciplined designer with predominant interaction & visual design skills. I also include front-end and CMS development as part of my process.

If you have an idea for a project just send me an email.


Bauapp is an app that brings the best audio guides for museums and galleries to your phone. I designed the app user flow, wireframes and visual design.
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Fourlaw is a modern boutique law firm, they contacted me since they needed to have a brand image and a website.
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Gabe foods

Gabe Foods provides import-export services of organic foods to countries in the Gulf Region. I designed and built the website.
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I worked in this startup for a year as a UX and graphic designer. They provide the leading local business recommendation service in Spain.
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People I’ve worked with

Download my portfolio PDF (3,7Mb).