Bring blogs back

It's been a long time since I don't do this writing thing. So long that I might have lost any idea on what works best as an intro.

It's been so long since I wrote for my blog that I feel my fingers are stiff, my sentences are short and my brain is slow. I got used to things in the 140 character platform, and that is too taxing for discourse. It not only lacks a considerable amount of personal depth on things but it simplifies the elaboration of thought so much that all the nuances get lost –it's a sad sign of our times.

Back in the good old internet days, you would go into someone's blog to see what they thought about things. Nowadays, you get their quick tweet, and that's it. But I see and feel that's changing, the same as many things as of late in which the "move slow and fix things" attitude seems to be growing by the day. And thanks God for that.

What we need is more places and spaces online for personal elaborated discourse, places in which you express your ideas clearly and also places that just belong to you. Enough with publishing platforms. That is not so difficult to achieve. When you have something to share don't get satisfied with just tweeting, take it further.

Let's reconquer the space we lost. Let's get back to writing in our own platforms.


I've decided that the week notes format is the best for me right now. Much of this inspiration took the shape of Paul Roberts Lloyd's blog and how he approaches this format. I really like the cadence and how it allows you to write without a special and defined theme or a pressure for delivery. It puts the focus on the sharing aspect, which is what I am looking for.

What I need to do now is to get this blog ready for all the sharing aspects it needs. It's a very basic Kirby instance and it lacks tags, microformats and all that jazz.

But hey, time will tell if this goes on. What matters is that this little space of the internet is where I can share things and so I will.

See you next week!