The gull sees farthest who flies highest

You are too little to know about this quote in "Jonathan Livingston Seagull". But you surely remember when we left Spain two years ago. We moved to the UK, and soon after, you and your mom left to the U.S. for a very good reason that still continues. We've only seen each other when I can travel there to see you.

During this time, I've noticed something in particular that is different to what we were used to. It's the amount of birds you see here in the UK, as compared to downtown Madrid.

These birds are seagulls mostly, or gulls or whatever they are called. When I was a kid their screams reminded me of golden summers in Mallorca, fun and comfort. I knew how to recognise their screams being close to the sea, but we don't have a beach here in Cheltenham and the weather is crap. So it seems they are here for some migratory reason.

At first I thought that having so many gulls was temporary, that it was just a month ot two, but it wasn't. They stay here for like 5 months. They eat whatever they find. I have seen a gull eating the remains of a pigeon and a dirty BigMac, with fries even.

They gather near our house around 4:30am and start with their screaming. The first time this happened I thought someone was being robbed and stabbed. It was a loud and anxious scream but followed by many screams demanding attention at 5:00, with the sun rising.

Why does the sun rise here at 5:00? Back in Spain it was different. And I never woke up scared thinking a cult of banshees gathered outside. And worst of all, they represented the pain of being here without you.

Every morning I hear them, screaming loudly and at first I thought I would go crazy.

So I decided to embrace this thing that made me feel so bad, as a way to Jeet Kun Do all of this. I started to observe them during the day, when I came across one. And I discovered how aerodynamic their shape is, and how they elegantly walk across human structures and buildings, their palms are made for swimming too or holding on to tree branches...

And you know what? I read birds are descendants of dinossaurs. Their screams are an evolution of ancient roams from millions of years ago.

Their feathers are clean pristine white always and they fly so gracegully, very high! they can see the world and our problems from a distance we can´t imagine. You can spot them just gliding enjoying their flight without even moving a wing. They let themselves get carried along with the wind like a comet, just because. I think they are the most evolved beings on earth.

Have you read about eagles? Of course you can't read yet but let me tell you, they are amazing. They somehow maintain that prehistoric, dinosaur like appeareance. They fly so high and have an amazing eyesight. They can just fly away and settle their nests in the mountains, where no one can reach them. I wish I was an eagle, and maybe being a bird is the karma for good people, who knows.

Birds used to wake me up at 4:30am afraid, reminding me we are not together and that they were there to let me know that life is ugly. But since I started looking at them, you know what? I like them and I wish I was a bird. Last time we were together, having an icecream after playing in the park, We saw gulls and I asked you "do you like birds?" you looked up and said, "Yes Dada, I like birds too".