When I wrote the last post back in July, I would never have imagined where I would be writing this last one from. Many things have changed, some for the good some for the bad, but all of them are life changing.

Moving to a new country.

First of all, we moved to the UK. My and my wife decided to move some months ago and I started a search for work abroad. It´s not easy to find work living in a different country, but after a few interviews, many Skype calls and emails I was offered a nice position at Nerv, a small yet very interesting company in the beautiful town of Cheltenham.

Things couldn´t have been better: a nice job in a wonderful city, it was good for me, my wife and 2yr old daughter. Just what we wanted.

Enter Mr loneliness.

My wife´s dad is very ill, he lives alone in the US and is in the hospital so my wife and daughter flew there in the beginning of september. They will be coming back in december, but it really depends on how he´s doing. What matters the most is that they are OK and taken care of by my wife´s family.

As a side-effect of this, I found myself alone in a new city and new country. I had the best welcome from my workmates and everyone I have met has been super nice. But being away from your family after not leaving each other for even 10 minutes it´s not easy. Specially when your daughter is growing fast, not being able to be there is difficult.

In this period I learned that I´m not that good at being alone. I thought I was but I feel deceived with myself for not being able to manage better. Anyway I have done the best I can and should not be that hard on myself.

A broken ankle.

A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday night I broke my ankle. It really started a month ago when I went to the bathroom upstairs at Revolution, a nice bar/restaurant situated in a converted church. Being amused by the place I didn´t see three stairs and I fell landing on my ankle. It was a big sprain, but I thought it would get better with time so I didn´t go to the hospital.

Two weeks after, I took a wrong step in a curve and that´s when my ankle said enough. I managed to take a few stepsin pain but something went really bad. I had to sit on the ground, I couldn´t walk at all and literally had to cry for help. It was a very humbling situation. Luckily some guys saw me and helped me get in a taxi to the hospital. I had a maissoneuve fracture and needed surgery.


My mom was supposed to visit me and stay in Cheltenham after going on a trip to Scotchland, but my ankle fracture happened just when they arrived to mainland UK. Therefore she missed it and took care of me since I had to be hospitalized and couldn´t do anything. God bless her.

I don´t know how I would have managed by myself. Specially because a truck with our move from Spain arrived just the day after I was discharged from the hospital!


My dear uncle Leo cheered me up from the distance after the surgery. He wrote me a message saying "Hope that some day this pain will be useful" and this happens to be the title of a book by Peter Cameron he thoroughly recommended. I just purchased it on Amazon.

Being in bed for a couple of weeks has had me thinking about my life, myself and I honestly think that this fracture has come in a good time. I feel much better with myself since I realised a simple thing: Wether it´s family or criying for help from strangers, we all need each other and no one likes to be alone.

Life is an eternal wheel of discovery and loss of simple things, sometimes it takes little, others takes more, but let´s enjoy the ride while it lasts.