On to new adventures

I imagine that just by reading the title you get an idea of what I am about to say: I´m changing jobs and today was my last day at Nerv. It has been a great experience and there are many things that I take home, specially meeting great people and working for big brands even being a relatively small team.

I´m truly thankful for how well they have treated me specially when I broke my ankle and fibula (on just my second month there), which kept me first on a bed and then with crutches. Having the flexibility to work from home was just what I needed when my ankle was killing me. I wish them the best and I´m sure they have many great things to achieve. Thank you guys.

I have enjoyed working at an agency with big brands in the portfolio, but as a UX/ Product designer, I somehow missed being able to fully focus on a single project or service, such as when I worked for 11870, a social recommendations service.

And with an unexpected plot twist in life, last month I was presented with an oportunity that has worked out well. And I´m very happy to announce that I joined Just-Eat as a UX designer for the International Product Development in Bristol.

It´s just what I wanted at this stage in my career: Being able to focus and improve a product used by millions of people in different countries. It´s a great challenge and I´m eager to start!

But first, I´m going to take a couple of weeks off, reunite for a few days with my wife and daughter in New Jersey whom I haven´t seen since April and enjoy some summer sun in Spain.