September resolutions

I've taken a couple weeks of holidays in Mallorca. I've felt that two and a half weeks is the right amount to disconnect, relax and recharge. And in between spending time with my family and over eating, I've dedicated a few nights to think and reposition myself.

With so many life events this year (more on this later) I needed to do some thinking and find myself or at least a hint of it, personally and professionally.

I've made a simple list of things I want to start doing:

  • Following Scott Berkun's advice I've decided to have a little notebook with me all the time. And jot down ideas for posts, thoughts and everything that goes through my mind.

  • I want to start doing weekly personal and professional retros –to keep track of what goes well and needs improvement and to have clear actionable goals from it. Let's see how this goes.

  • Write, write, write... I'm not sure if I'll follow the week notes format or just try to maintain a monthly dedicated post. But I've so many things I want to share and never end up doing anything.

  • Healthy living. The classic resolution to cut down on booze & food and workout in the gym more often.

A good way to commit to resolutions is to share them publicly, so that now you can be held accountable if you fail.

Have you made any september resolutions?